Gas Station & C-Store Business Equipment Loans, Financing & Leasing Options

The gas pump represents your most direct link between your c-store or gas station and the fueling public. Drivers everywhere are seeking greater conveniences and technology when they stop to use your fuel dispenser. Customers who purchase fuel from your gas station are looking for in-dispenser media technologies, upgraded payment protection – including compatibility with the new EMV credit card payment standard; and loyalty programs and discounts.

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If you are interested in upgrading your fuel dispenser to meet the demands of today’s gas station consumer, Patriot Capital can help you unlock the value of your desired upgrade in a hassle-free financing and leasing transaction that makes sense for you and your fuel marketing business.

Gas Pump Business Equipment Financing & Leasing

We provide gas pump equipment financing and financing for all gas pump related equipment needed to serve your customers, including upgrades to help you meet the deadlines for gas pump EMV conversions. We also finance underground storage tanks (UST), above ground fuel tanks, fuel tank gauges, and CNG & natural gas dispensers. Best of all, we provide easy, low-interest loans and rapid approval, so you can begin dispensing and selling more immediately.

We even have special gas pump financing programs for dispensers and technologies from Protec, Gilbarco, OPW, Veeder-Root, and more.

Gas Pump Equipment Leasing

Patriot Capital can help you lease your gas pump equipment through our convenient gas pump leasing program. At the end of your lease, choose to purchase your gas pump equipment for a low residual rate or pick another option that suits your business. Decide on your terms; sign up for our Choice Pay program.

Additional Equipment Financing Resources

Some professional associations have group coverage. The plans might not be the best or offer the widest range of coverage, but it’s better than nothing and will take you through an emergency.

  • Are you EMV ready? To get up to speed on the ins and outs of EMV we’ve posted free resources and downloads.
  • Tax incentives can go a long way to helping you offset new equipment. To get started, check out tax incentives.
  • Looking for special financing offers for specific equipment? Review our current offers.
  • Webinar "Creating Competitive Advantage for Shell Marketers" – With the change in landscape in retail petroleum, we’re going to talk briefly about some of the recent capital market changes. We’re going to dig a little bit deeper into the regulatory changes that come with EMV. Specifically, what are they, when did they occur, and why. The second purpose of the webinar today is talking about ways to leverage EMV to create a competitive advantage, such as operational efficiencies, improved customer experience, and capturing new contacts or contracts.

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"Creating Competitive Advantage for Shell Marketers"

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