Financing FAQs

C-store financing presents a range of options. Please find below the answers to common questions about the advantages of financing your gas pumps, LED’s, POS, and other convenience store and commercial fueling equipment.

Common questions about financing gas pumps, LED lighting, and other convenience store and fueling equipment

How can I compare the true cost of financing or leasing for gas pumps, point of sale (POS), or underground storage tanks?

If someone suggests that they can give you financing on your convenience store equipment purchase that sounds too good to be true, it might well be. There are financing promotions offered by major manufacturers of dispensers, POS, and tank gauge equipment, such as Gilbarco or Veeder-Root. These offers are legitimate and provide an opportunity for fuel retailers to benefit from low financing or leasing rates for fuel dispensers, LED upgrades, beer caves, and other convenience store equipment. With any financing offer, be sure to ask for and compare the following items:

  • What is the monthly payment for this equipment financing agreement?
  • Does the monthly payment change at any time?
  • What payments are required up front?
  • When are these payments required?
  • What payments are required at the end of the financing agreement term?
  • What is the true term of the loan – how many payments are there in total?
  • Do I have clear title to the equipment following the final payment?
  • Are there any other costs or fees that I should be aware of?
  • If you are offered “free” equipment, would your interest be better if you didn’t accept the “free” equipment?
  • If you are offered a promotional interest rate for a limited time, such as $100/month for 120 days, are you charged interest during this promotional period that is then included in the total amount financed?
  • What is the true cost of the promotional rate?
  • Does the financing firm have a long history in the petroleum industry, and are they able to supply references of local customers?
Is my lease transferable?

Yes, as long as the new lessee’s credit qualifies and their application is approved.

What is the average length of a C-store equipment-financing contract or capital equipment lease?

The most popular terms for financing gas pumps range from 24 months to 60 months, with 60 months being the most common term for financing gas pumps. Financing LED’s and POS is usually done for 24 – 36 months, but can be done for longer periods. Underground storage tank financing is usually done for a period of 5 years, the term for UST’s varies based upon the scope of the project. In-store equipment, car washes, and other fueling equipment financing terms usually range from 2 years to 5 years. Longer financing terms, up to 84 months, can be arranged on certain fueling and C-store equipment based on an applicant’s credit history.

How long does the entire leasing process take for convenience store equipment?

24-72 hours for most transactions.

How do I apply for point of sale (POS) financing for Gilbarco Passport, VeriFone Commander, or other point of sale systems?

Financing with Patriot Capital is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Complete our online application form by clicking here or complete and fax the form you can download by clicking here.
  2. Get approved and notified of the financing amount you are approved for. This amount may include POS system, installation, training, and other related expenses.
  3. Finalize financing when equipment is installed.
Is EMV for gas pumps a required mandate?

The EMV mandate for gas pumps is a liability shift, not a requirement. What this means is that after October 2017, the retailer is liable for fraud charges related to transactions with EMV or chip cards. If a chip card is presented and processed with an EMV chip reader at the gas pump, in most cases the liability will not be with the retailer. If the chip card is used to purchase gasoline at a gas pump, and the pump cannot accept a chip card, the liability will be with the retailer. For more information on em liability at the gas pump, please click here.

What equipment does Patriot Capital finance for gas stations and fuel marketers?

Does Patriot Capital finance underground storage tanks (UST’s) and the related site improvement work?

Yes, Patriot finances underground storage tanks and the related work that is required to upgrade a storage tank to meet UST regulations from the EPA or state regulations. If you are planning on upgrading the underground storage tanks at a current fueling location, or are planning on installing UST’s, please contact us to discuss financing your storage tank program. Did you know there are an estimated 571,000 underground storage tanks in the U.S.? For more information on EPA regulations, please visit the EPA website. For more information on UST’s by state, please visit the EPA’s state directory.

Does all equipment that Patriot finances have to come from the same equipment manufacturer?

Patriot Capital routinely structures financing involving multiple brands of fueling equipment and payment systems. Patriot Capital finances dispensers from Gilbarco, Gasboy, Wayne Fueling, and Bennett; point of sale from most major POS companies, including Gilbarco, Verifone, Radiant, Retalix, and Wayne Fueling; LED lighting from LSI, Acuity, and Cree lighting; fleet fueling systems from Gasboy, Gilbarco, and Fis-cal.

In addition to c-store equipment such as fuel dispensers and gas pumps, point of sale systems, LED’s, and UST’s, what other equipment does Patriot Capital finance?

Patriot finances most equipment used inside a convenience store and on the forecourt. This can include financing beer caves, price signs, tank gauges (ATG’s), underground tank work, and other equipment upgrades, including upgrades to comply with EMV on gas pumps and point of sale.

In addition to financing c-store equipment, Patriot finances the related costs such as shipping, taxes, and installation for most gas pumps, LED’s, POS, and other convenience store and gas station equipment needing financing.

Does Patriot finance equipment for both Fuel Jobbers and Retail Dealers?

Yes we finance fuel jobbers, convenience store owners, and commercial fueling sites including card locks.

70% of our leases or loans are with jobbers and 30% are with dealers.

Can I finance EMV retrofit upgrade kits for my existing gas pumps?

Yes, Patriot finances EMV CRIND retrofit kits for all major brands of dispensers, including Gilbarco Encore 700, Encore 500, Encore 300, and Advantage; Wayne Ovation and Wayne Vista; Tokheim and Bennett Pacific gas pumps. In some situations, financing an EMV retrofit kit may be more practical than replacing your current gas pump.

Does Patriot Capital finance commercial dispensers and fleet fuel controllers for municipalities, mining, and distribution centers?

Yes, Patriot is a leading supplier of leasing and financing services to commercial fueling sites and truck-stops. Patriot finances a wide range of equipment for commercial sites, including underground storage tanks, above ground storage tanks with dispensers, and fleet management systems. Typical dispensers that are financed included Gasboy, Bennett 3000 series, and Wayne Fueling Reliance Fleet Fueling Dispensers.

Can I finance DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) fuel dispensers with Patriot Capital?

Yes, the majority of trucks operating in the U.S. now require DEF to meet federal air quality standards. Patriot Capital finances everything that is needed in upgrading a truck-stop or commercial fueling site to dispense DEF. These upgrades can include ultra-high flow dispensers, dedicated DEF dispensers, upgrades to underground storage tanks to hold DEF, or the addition of above ground storage tanks. DEF dispensers from Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Wayne Fueling, and Bennett may be financed. If you are considering a loan for a DEF upgrade, equipment financing may be a more effective form of providing the funds needed to purchase and install the dispensers, DEF storage tanks, and other needed equipment.

Can I finance CNG dispensers with Patriot Capital?

Yes, Patriot Capital is experienced in all areas of financing commercial and retail fueling equipment. Our partnerships with many of the CNG industry leaders, including ANGI, provide us with insights into the operations of a CNG fueling site that firms not focused on loans or financing to our industry may not have.

Our financing for CNG fueling equipment extends beyond CNG compressors and CNG storage. Retailers can also include related site work, shipping of equipment, and taxes. Patriot is experienced in financing both commercial CNG filling sites and retail CNG stations, including CNG at truck-stops. If you are considering a traditional loan or other method of borrowing, contact your local Patriot representative to learn more about the advantages of equipment financing as a means of funding your CNG equipment.

How can I finance E15 dispensers, E85 fuel dispensers, or other alternative fuels gas pumps?

Financing alternative fuels gas pumps is straightforward with Patriot Capital. Financing rates for ethanol fuel pumps are based on similar factors as financing for standard gas pumps or diesel pumps. The factors that determine financing cost include the site's volume, owner's time in business, and the length of time the site has been owned by the current owner.

Patriot is able to finance E85 for municipal, state, and federal governments, including public vehicle fleet refueling and government vehicles that require ethanol fuel.

Patriot has a 0% gas pump financing program with Protec Fuels to assist with upgrading sites to dispense ethanol fuels. This program provides 0% financing for E85 and E15 dispensers, underground storage tank (UST) modifications. It also provides 0% financing for ethanol signage, updating point of sale, or other site equipment to handle E15 and E85 or other ethanol blends, and may help finance additional site modifications for handling ethanol fuels.

Can I finance aviation fueling equipment with Patriot Capital?

Yes, you can finance aviation fueling equipment from firms such as Beta Aviation Fueling Systems. Patriot’s expertise in financing fueling equipment extends to all areas of commercial and retail fueling, including AVGAS and other more exotic fuels.

Questions about Patriot Capital

What makes Patriot Capital different than other firms that finance gas pumps or c-store equipment?

Patriot Capital was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing hassle-free financing to the petroleum industry. Our business has grown into the leading supplier of financing for fuel dispensers, point of sale equipment, automated tank gauges, and other convenience store equipment financing as a result of our customer-first focus. Many of our customers are repeat customers, who we have partnered with to help them continue to grow the value of their business through optimization of their capital resources.

Patriot was recognized by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) as the Best in US for equipment financing. We are honored to be recognized by the convenience store operators, fuel jobbers, wholesalers, and commercial fueling operators that are members of PMAA and the state associations that support PMAA.

Where can I locate my Patriot Capital sales representative?

Patriot Capital has equipment financing experts located across the United States. You may find your local financing expert by clicking here.

Hospital/Medical Center Focus

Does Patriot Capital offer financing fuel storage tanks for emergency generators at hospitals and, medical centers or convenience stores?

Patriot Capital offers a variety of financing opportunities for hospitals and medical centers with on-site fuel storage tanks for their back-up and emergency power generating systems. Federal law requires hospitals in many regions throughout the U.S. to have the capacity to provide backup power for up to 96 hours in the case of a power outage, requiring many medical facilities to maintain large on-site underground fuel storage tanks that are subject to the new, stricter Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) storage tank rules instituted in 2015. Patriot Capital offers financing options that do not encumber the entire property; using only the financed equipment as collateral means no liens on real estate or structures.

Can Patriot Capital help hospitals and medical centers with financing on energy-saving LED lighting?

Government and industry studies have concluded that better outdoor lighting improves security and reduces crime. In addition, updating parking areas with LED technology can reduce energy costs by up a third or more compared to fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting. Patriot Capital offers a variety of financing options to assist hospitals and medical centers in updating to LED lighting, with 12- to 60-month terms available and no blanket property liens.

Does Patriot Capital offer financing for medical centers and hospitals to avoid liability for fraud by updating payment terminals to accept EMV credit and debit cards?

Hospitals and medical centers must update their point-of-sale (POS) systems to accept EMV “chip and PIN” cards to avoid responsibility for credit card fraud. New rules that took effect in October, 2015, allowed bank and other credit- and debit-card issuers to shift liability for fraudulent purchases to the merchants – including hospitals and medical centers. Patriot Capital offers a variety of financing options to hospitals and medical centers to assist in the purchase and installation of EMV card readers to replace the outdated magnetic-strip POS systems and avoid liability for fraudulent payments.

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