Don’t Be Scared of a POS Loan – The Right One Could Grow Profits

For convenience store owners, providing a seamless customer experience is an essential part of building loyalty and sustaining future growth. You’ll have to do more than just offer great service, as the right Point of Sale (POS) equipment will also play a role in how people view your gas station. These days there is no shortage these of technologically savvy customers. Up to date POS technology speeds up the checkout process and enhances customer experience which leads to customers coming back.

Streamlines the Checkout Process

C-store POS systems, including Gilbarco Passport PX-60 and VeriFone Commander,  enhance the checkout process, improving transaction speeds compared to older point of sale systems. With modern point-of-sale equipment, you can increase a cashier’s accuracy and save your customers time. The ability to accept mobile payment, oil company fuel loyalty programs and coupons are expected by today’s C-Store customer.

POS systems also allow for the use of handheld scanners. This is especially important in convenience stores, improving the accuracy of your inventory counts and providing faster check out speed. This shopper convenience is important if you want to retain repeat customers. Upgrading your equipment can be easier with a POS loan, which allows c-store owners to match the benefits of upgraded POS equipment with the cash flow benefits created through certain tax deductions.

Five Ways POS Systems Can Improve Your Business Operations

Other ways in which a point of sale system can streamline the C-Store checkout process include:

  • Keeping track of prices in order to keep dreaded price checks to a minimum.
  • Monitoring discounts so that buyers do not have to remind the cashier. An example would be “buy one get one free” offers or other similar promotions.
  • Automatically adding loyalty reward points to a customer’s account at the end of each sale.
  • Accepting mobile payment such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and other forms of mobile payment
  • Reminding cashiers of certain actions such as checking IDs for alcohol or tobacco sales, helping to prevent fines or other penalties.

Modern point of sales systems, including Gilbarco Passport PX-60 and VeriFone Commander, offer functionality that improves your customers experience while eliminating cashier errors, improving check out speed and payment information security. These are all elements very attractive to customers.

C-Store POS Systems Improve Efficiency

Point-of-sale equipment is designed to do far more than just be a cash register. A POS system can collect sales, inventory and customer information.  You can use this information to learn more about what drives your customers. In turn, this will help you ensure you have the right product inventory at the right time.

Historical reports can be especially important during seasonal or holiday promotion planning for convenience stores. By reviewing these reports, you can improve your inventory forecasting to have enough inventory in stock to meet consumer demand reducing worry about excess amounts of merchandise on the markdown rack.

Better Manage Employees

Point-of-sale equipment can also help you better manage employees. Giving each worker his or her own log-in allows you to assign an identity to any given transaction. Not only will this provide a snapshot of productivity, but it will also help you identify areas where employees may need additional training.

By monitoring transactions, you are also helping to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. If cash theft or other fraud does occur, you are more likely to uncover it sooner. Controlling fraud and c-store shrink are important parts of maximizing your stores profits.

Modern POS systems such as Gilbarco Passport PX-60 and VeriFone Commander are designed to minimize training time for new employees.  Having intuitive cashier interfaces reduces the time it takes for your new employees to become efficient, allowing them and you to spend more time interacting with customers.

If you are not yet using a modern point-of-sale system, chances are that you are not providing your customers with the type of service they expect. A new system does not have to be out of reach financially, as we offer affordable POS loans with monthly payments that will meet your budget. To increase sales and improve efficiency, consider upgrading your point of sale system today.

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